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First Love is beautiful classic red color. Slightly "skinier" than Wildfire. For the Luxury Beauty Expert

CND™ Shellac™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Color is the innovation of CND™ and provides a beautiful, strong and high-quality result for more than two weeks. The product has an ''open'' structure so that it does not dry out the nail plate. The use of a primer or buffering the nail plate is not necessary with CND™ Shellac™. With the CND™ Offly Fast, CND™ Shellac™ is removed in 8 minutes without soaking or filing on the natural nail. First, get a mini manicure. File nails into shape with a Kanga file, push back cuticles with a pro pusher. Before applying the Basecoat, degrease the nails with CND™ Scrubfresh and a cellulose swab. Carefully take the entire nail plate and the free edge. It is best to use some force when degreasing.
First apply the CND™ Basecoat and cure it for 10 seconds in the CND UV lamp (Button A) or 5 seconds under the CND LED Lamp (Button 1).

Then you apply a layer of CND™ Shellac™ Colorcoat and it cures for 60 seconds under LED (button 2S CND Lamp) or 120 seconds under the CND UV lamp (button C). Repeat this step with the Colorcoat and cure it again. You end with the CND™ Topcoat™.


There are 3 variants: Original Topcoat, Xpress5 or the Duraforce Topcoat.
- The Original Topcoat is the most commonly used topcoat. (Soakable in +- 8 minutes).
- The Xpress5 is a slightly ''thinner'' topcoat. Can be soaked in 5 minutes.
- The Duraforce Topcoat is used for increased strength for customers who need it. Soakable in +- 10 minutes.

You cure the topcoat under LED in 60 seconds (button 3 CND Lamp) or 120 seconds in the UV lamp. (button C CND lamp)
After curing, the topcoat still has an adhesive layer. You remove this with a cellulose swab and alcohol.
To finish the treatment, apply a drop of SolarOil™ to all cuticles and massage in.
You can also apply a nice hand cream on the hands.

Tip: Recommend the use of SolarOil™ to your customers too!
This is to care for the cuticles / nail plate and to preserve the product.
CND™ Shellac™ is an ''open'' product. Exposure to certain products/situations may affect the product.
For example, if you go on holiday and are in a lot of chlorine water, UV light, sea water e.g.
This can cause a product to discolour. When using SolarOil™ you minimize this by filling those small channels with SolarOil™.