Luxury Beauty – instant delivery of your beauty and lifestyle products

Have you ever thought about the delivery of a product you which your customer has just ordered within only 60 minutes? If you think that’s impossible, Luxury Beauty is here to surprise you. With us, products from your retail shop will come to your client rapidly!


Luxury Beauty – who we are?

Luxury Beauty App is a platform where you can present your offer to a large number of customers.  Thanks to our work, you will be able to satisfy your clients’ needs within just an hour. If they are in want of something, they can just browse our platform, find your product and order it. And it will come to their hands within minutes!


What do we provide?

Our mission is to help your retail shop grow. According to this motto, we have developed several services you may need. One of them is our express delivery of your beauty and lifestyle products.

As the data show, instant delivery will enable you to provide high-quality service to all of your customers. Now, it is no longer a problem to wait for your products – with Luxury Beauty you will be able to deliver them rapidly.

Using our solution, you will save:

time money energy

needed previously to complete an order you received from your client. And apart from that, you gain a huge number of potential customers through our app.


How does it actually work?

We are able to provide our instant delivery system as we are using a network of bike riders. As it is known, it is a very efficient and quick way to move around a city. This is our secret and key to your success.

Luxury Beauty was created, among other reasons, to help retailers. Working with a particular customer is not easy and we know it. That is why we created a solution which will definitely help you respond to your buyers’ desires.

Our services helped some shopkeepers to grow their businesses and increase their sales by even 30%.

Luxury Beauty cooperates with recognizable brands, such as:

Where can you benefit from our services?

Luxury Beauty express delivery service is now available in several main cities of Europe and the United States. We are live in, for instance:

If your shop is located in one of those cities, you are free and easy to start benefiting from our work. And help your business grow.

Luxury Beauty Delivery. More than just a service.

Even though it may seem that we only provide deliveries, it’s not that simple. We value your comfort and needs, so we tailor our offer to respond to them. You can find a lot more on our webpage.

Luxury Beauty App is a great choice for your retail shop. You will be able to sell your products on our platform so that you can stay focused on developing your marketing and the whole business. Delivery is our responsibility. 

Help yourself and help your business grow with Luxury Beauty. Make use of our express delivery system and feel the satisfaction of your customers who receive your products in less than an hour. Now in several cities in the USA and Europe. Check it yourself and make the most of it!

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