Couple therapy in the Safety of your own home by BYOU - BYOU

Couple therapy in the Safety of your own home by BYOU

Couple therapy aims to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your better half. If you are experiencing such issues, don't panic! It can be resolved through a couple of therapy sessions.

Why Is Couple Therapy Necessary?

Conflicts may arise in any relationship. Couples therapy resolves issues and conflicts and helps strengthen any relationship. With couples therapy, "People can form an unshakeable bond with one another and have a sensitive or vulnerable conversation without pushing each other away," says a PhD psychologist, Dr Annie Hsueh.

Home-based Couple Therapy:

Those unwilling and unable to seek professional couple therapy outside their homes can adopt home-based couple therapy. Since it is done under a safe roof in your home, it can ensure the confidentiality of your relationship problems. Home-based therapy allows couples to feel the maximum level of comfort and ease since they are at their own house.

How Couples Therapy Works:

At first, the therapist takes a detailed history of mutual conflicts in a relationship. You, your partner, and your therapist work in a triangle to set therapy goals. These goals may include improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries, and rebuilding trust.

Once the goals of couple therapy are identified, therapists devise a plan of interventions to help strengthen the relationship by discussing mutual benefits with both partners.

Structured Approach:

Each couple therapy session is well-structured and organized in which the therapist tries to:

  • Review relationship conflicts and problems
  • Present new concepts and valuable skills
  • Give small regular tasks as homework, i.e., anger management
  • Review the progress and homework from previous sessions.


How Effective can couple therapy be?

Research shows that couple therapy can effectively rebuild a relationship and save millions of homes. Here's the essence of some studies carried out on couple therapy.

  • Relationship satisfaction improved significantly.
  • Couple therapy led to a significant decrease in domestic violence.
  • Couple counseling effectively improved relationship commitment come.

Benefits of Couples Therapy:

Most of the time, the relationship is intact; it just needs a push from a third party, and that's where the therapist plays their role.

  • Helps find new ways to communicate by discussing the core problems.
  • Decreases conflicts and distress from relationship
  • Dedicate a few hours a week to improvement of the relationship
  • Help learn new techniques of emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Establish new boundaries and build trust in each other.
  • Discuss issues in a calm, safe, and in the professional way instead of shouting.

Find new ways to manage anger and conflicts.

Book your therapist in the comfort of your own home at the BYOU app.


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