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How to Find Freedom and Manage Your Business on the Luxury Beauty App

On the Luxury Beauty App, there are so many high and in-demand lifestyle products and services that you can offer clients online.  As a freelance worker, we understand how much you value freedom and flexibility, and we aim to deliver just that with this app! 


As an Expert on our Luxury Beauty App, you have so many tools at your disposal. You can manage your schedule, your service offerings, your prices, and even create a nice profile with photos, information, and videos!


No matter where you are in your freelance journey, you can manage and maintain a strong business.  Here are some of the best ways to do so on our Luxury Beauty App!

#1: Fill Out Your Profile!

The first step to gaining freedom and changing your lifestyle is to make sure you fill out your profile on the Luxury Beauty App.  You can be as detailed as you want, and make sure that you give your clients a good idea of who you are! Remember: this is your business, and you can show off your talents with the world!

#2: Set Up Your Availability

There’s no way that people can book you if you don’t provide them with some times that you will be able to assist them with a service! To manage your bookings, be sure to make your schedule available and put in all the available times. This is simple on the calendar portion of the application, and don’t forget to save this so it reflects the same on the app for your prospective clients!

#3: Create and Share Your Services

As a freelance Luxury Beauty Expert, not only do you get to manage your own schedule, but you have the freedom to decide what you want to sell to your customers! You can be as creative as you want, show off your personality, and make it clear what they will be getting for your price.  This is all done simply on the MY SERVICES tab, and you can edit, if need be, to make sure your services are perfect.

#4: Set up the Stripe Payment System

The best part about freelance work is being paid per service! We use Stripe on our app, and it is simple and easy to set up.  All you must do is make sure that you register and connect this with the app. Then you will be all set to go!

#5: Share Your Profile to Your Social Media

Not only are you all set as a Luxury Beauty Expert, but you can also share your new freelance profile with your social media followers! As a business owner, it is up to you how much and how far and wide your customer base is.  We look forward to helping you use our platform to grow your business, gain more freedom, and more clientele along the way!


We hope you enjoyed these helpful tips to get you started on really capitalizing on the Luxury Beauty App and its features.  We look forward to giving you the freedom to work when you want, when you can, and for the price that you deserve.  Download the Luxury Beauty App today and start on your journey to a freelance lifestyle!



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